PJAvatarWe are media-loving musicologists interested in the possibilities of new media in the higher ed classroom.

We define New Media is an evolving group of online creative practices that rely upon the interplay of technology, visual arts, and sound. It is by nature dynamic and accessible, interactive and participatory, encouraging collaboration and the wide exchange of ideas. In the past decade, technological innovations such as YouTube, Facebook, Skype, and Spotify have changed the structure and pace of global society by encouraging and facilitating an interconnected world. This has had an impact on post-secondary education: on what students expect from university courses and their professors, and on the ways professors approach pedagogy. Though music is entwined in this New Media world, and though New Media promises to provide effective tools for music pedagogy, its presence in the discourse and practice of the instruction of American music is still rather limited. With all of this new and continuously developing software at our disposal and the ways it promises to benefit the learning environment, professors—and especially professors in a field as media-friendly and media-dependent as musicology—must come to terms with its possibilities.

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